The Transformative Power of Gratitude

The best way to start this is by giving an example. Right now, I am cloaked in the warm sunshine of the early morning. I am grateful for the sunshine. I am grateful for the way it dances on my naked toes and face, the way it streams and dapples through fruit trees and bushes and illuminates flowers. I am grateful for the way it beams through the dark void of space to reach our blue and green planet. I am grateful for the plants it touches and their miraculous ability to… Read More

At The Confluence: A Conversation With Barbara Jefferson

I met Barbara Jefferson at a Bioneers conference where she shared a story of transforming grief and pain for the world to empowerment and action through the Work that Reconnects. Barbara continues to embody this transformation through work as a facilitator of the Work that Reconnects and Generation Waking Up, as well as other leadership and diversity trainings.   To learn more about her work, visit  How are you contributing to the Great Turning? I work as a facilitator for the Work that Reconnects. One of the roles I play now is… Read More