Inspiring Spoken Word from Prince Ea

Feeling a little bummed about hate speech from Donald Trump? Holiday consumerism got you down? If you are needing a little inspiration this holiday season, look no further then Prince Ea’s newest video, Man vs. Earth. Prince Ea is a 27-year-old spoken word poet whose art focuses on social and environmental justice. His videos, which have gained millions of views on YouTube, pair inspirational lyrics with beautiful images. In his latest video, Man vs. Earth, he frames human impact in planetary terms: if the existence of the Earth were condensed into 24 hours, human’s… Read More

Transforming kids, classrooms and communities in Richmond, CA

As Project Manager at the Mindful Life Project, Salina Espinosa-Setchko runs programs that teach mindfulness, yoga and performing arts to over 6,500 students in the Richmond, CA’s school system. Located north east of San Francisco, the city of Richmond was once ranked as one of the most violent cities in the US. While violence has decreased, the Richmond community remains a heavily impacted and under-resourced community. The work of the Mindful Life Project is deeply transforming that by giving the children the skills to understand and relate to their own, often traumatic, life experiences.