Climate Change and Redemption: The Third Noble Truth

Can we actually stop climate change and find a way out of this mess? Yes, according to the Buddha and the Third Noble Truth.

Climate Change, Buddhism and Ice Cream: Teachings on Attachments

After attending a workshop about engaged Buddhism and climate change, I reflected on the way our attachments– which the Buddha names as the cause of suffering in the world– are making both us and the planet unhappy.

The Spectrum of Human Possibility: A Day with Weaving Earth

  “If you found yourself in front of a respected elder, and only had one question to ask, what would that question be?” The question lingered in the air enigmatically as those huddled around the campfire paused to contemplate it. The entire scene, in fact—the crackling fire, the 20 some illuminated faces of those surrounding it, and the vast starry sky above—felt like something of an enigma, profound and deep and so out of the ordinary. Despite the novelty, this scene, with its depth of conversation, crackling fire and expansive sky, is… Read More