Mid-Week Inspiration

It’s Thursday! If you are looking out the window at what I am looking at– blue skies, chirping birds, mid-70’s weather– then it is possible you are also counting down the hours until the weekend starts. But there is still plenty more week to live, plenty more opportunity to keep acting as agents of change and love and the Great Turning (and of course, this is not a 9-5, weekdays only position). So, in the case that you need a little Mid-Week Inspiration to keep you feeling juicy, here it is…

The always inspiring Prince Ea is out with his latest spoken word video. It is nothing short of stunning.

After watching it, I immediately stopped what I was doing. I logged out of Facebook, closed my email and shut down my computer. I then turned off my phone, took out a notebook and started editing poetry.

We all have something that life wants out of us; there is an essential essence waiting to be expressed, a thing to do that only you can do.

For me, it is something about my words and how I can harness them in service to transformation. I am not an extraordinary poet, but that does not matter, because when I am writing and sharing, I feel a pulsing aliveness, a quickening in my heart that I experience no where else.

This is mine thing to do. You have something of your own. This video reminded me, in a visceral way, what I have to do. Sometimes it is hard, sometimes it is terrifying, sometimes it is delightful. Regardless, it is mine to do and if I do not do it, the world will simply not have it and I will always feel half-awake.

I am taking a stand for being fully awake. I am writing, I am doing the thing that I have to do.

Watch the newest video by Prince Ea to get inspired too! If you liked this post, share it on Facebook and leave us a comment. We’d love to hear: what is the thing you feel called to do in the world? And how are you doing it?

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