Mid-Week Inspiration

There is definitely hatred in the world. But, at the end of the day, I believe there is far more love. Here is your mid-week inspiration, complete with an extra dose of hope.

Thoughts on the solstice and full moon

Hello glorious day! Today is a day to be celebrated by all! It is a day of celestial magic and wonder, a collision of two planetary cycles, two ancient rhythms of the cosmos. In the Northern hemisphere, it  is the summer solstice, a day of fullness, the longest day of the year for half the planet. It is a time of heat and warmth and juicy sensuality, a time to sleep naked and enjoy the sunshine and cover yourself in flowers. It is the day where the plants rejoice, because they have not gotten… Read More

On Orlando

I just listened to Anderson Cooper read the names of those dead from the attack in Orlando. The voice of the TV anchor, typically steady and confident, wavers as he recites name after name, including their age and a short sketch of each life now gone, sharing pieces of information about what they liked to do, where they worked or how loved ones saw them. Watching the video clip feels holy, like a ritual reading of the dead, a litany used by generations before when tragedy struck. Part of the way through, he takes a big breath… Read More

Mid Week Inspiration

It seems like there is a lot of vitriol out in the world today. Here is something to remind us of our preciousness and connection.

Why I won’t be moving to Canada

“All this Donald Trump business… I just can’t handle it, it’s too much. If he is elected President, I am just moving to Canada”, said my friend. I replied with a nervous chuckle and shifted uncomfortably in my chair.

YES! Magazine, April 2016

Mid-Week Inspiration

Feeling small? Here is some Mid-Week Inspiration to remind you how magnificent you are!