Thoughts on the solstice and full moon

Hello glorious day! Today is a day to be celebrated by all! It is a day of celestial magic and wonder, a collision of two planetary cycles, two ancient rhythms of the cosmos.

In the Northern hemisphere, it  is the summer solstice, a day of fullness, the longest day of the year for half the planet. It is a time of heat and warmth and juicy sensuality, a time to sleep naked and enjoy the sunshine and cover yourself in flowers.

It is the day where the plants rejoice, because they have not gotten this much sunlight in a year and will not for another year. It is a time when creatures also rejoice, because they knew the inevitably of summer, the inevitability of sunlight and heat, the promise of abundance and harvest and survival. We have made it through winter, through the cold and the hunger, the darkness within and with out. We have made it through the birth canal of spring, the transition and surprise, the newness and innocence, the uncertainty of fickle weather and tempestuous swings of hot and cold, late snow, early heat, high winds and the hard work of raking out the garden beds and beginning again.

And now, those of us in the northern hemisphere can slip into the warm, relaxing glove of summer, days of sunshine, flower, ripe fruit and cool water.

summer pic

On top of that, it is also the full moon. The full moon is the zenith of the lunar cycle, that constant monthly reminder of our changing and evolution. It is a circle of constant death and renewal. This is an event that comes every 70 years and for most of us, will not happen again in our life time.

There are times in my life when I was acutely aware of the seasonal and lunar cycles. I used to farm and would know the solstice because, with the added day light, we would spend hours moving hoses to water plants, and worked hard to keep up with the fast growing weeds. And I always knew what phase the moon was in because, each night, I would walk from the main house through the glove of night to my little cabin tucked under a redwood.

Now I live in a city, small though it is, but the stars are still dimmer at night and, were it not for Facebook or Mystic Mamma, I might not know how special today is. That is something I grieve; for most of human existence, our ancestors slept outside, with no concept of inside, and lived with a deep, visceral connection to the Earth and her cycles. Without calendars, telescopes or iPhones, we knew the rhythms of the planet like we knew our own heart beat.

I am not my ancestors; today I write this to you today from inside my house, on a laptop made out of who knows what kind of minerals and electricity shooting across a giant, continental grid. But I can do small things to cultivate that connection. I am going to a women’s gathering tonight, where we will sit by the beach and honor the moon and the sun and create intentions together (assuming I feel better, I have actually been down with a cold all week, not fun!). I will pick strawberries and turn each bite into a prayer of thanksgiving. I will decorate my room with flowers. And, this week, I will spend extra time lying in the sun, feeling that deep connection my ancestors knew so well and giving gratitude to this beautiful place I will always call home.


What are you going to do to honor the solstice? Share your brilliant ideas by leaving a comment below! And, as always, if you enjoyed this post, please like it and share it on Facebook!

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