The Great Turning and #BlackLivesMatter

“So, what is the Great Turning?” This is a question I am asked frequently. And, honestly, most of the time, I want to look right back at people and say, “Good damn question.” I do not have an elevator speech at the ready, and, despite how essential the concept is to my entire relationship to the world, I do not have an answer I can quickly rattle off to for the question. When I think about that question, more and more, I think about storytelling. The Great Turning has a lot to do with… Read More

Taking Heart in Changing Times

At about three o’clock yesterday morning, I woke up suddenly from a panicky dream. I was on the stage of a massive lecture halls, the kind with long rows of tiered stadium seating. It was the first day of my position as a Teaching Assistant and I huddled anxiously at the podium. I had forgotten that it was the first day of class, and had not prepared anything. To my horror, the students began to trickle in, one by one, and I looked at the clock, wondering how I could possibly kill the next… Read More

My whirlwind month (and why I haven’t written lately)

Hello beloved readers! I am going to do something I have not done really on this blog. I am going to write about my life. Not my life in a bigger context, or an antidote about my life that helps illustrate an idea, but just my life. I have not written for a while– over a month! I was blessed to spend most of August amidst wild places, in the Eastern Sierras and Carson National Forest of New Mexico, and had an unrealistic idea that I would be able to write in… Read More