Bioneers 2016 Report Back

As an adolescent, every Sunday morning of my life unfolded in the same orchestrated dance: my mom and three sisters would be piled into our 1994 emerald green Town and Country minivan, my father would be pacing back and forth impatiently by the front door of our house, and I would be racing around the back of the house, scrambling to get ready for church. My constant tardiness was both calculated– an intentional thorn in the side of my parent’s mandate of compulsory anything– and happenstance– I still, to this day, struggle to be… Read More

Politics and the Middle Path: How to Stay Sane in a Crazy World

Many months ago, when the Republican primary was still a multi-person circus show and the Democratic side was markedly civic but still a juicy race, I was working in Watsonville, a 30 minute commute from my home in Santa Cruz. Each day, I would load into my Honda Fit and drive down the coast. And everyday, to accompany my drive, was NPR. Thirty minutes each way, at least an hour a day, was devoted to radio journalism in it’s many forms: Stocks and bonds, science, news, commentary, storytelling. And of course, politics. With this daily dose of politics,… Read More