The Morning After: Resistance, Beauty and Love

Last night, I dreamt about Nazi Germany. I woke up, frightened, with images of ghettos and arm bands and lines of Jews on trains and orderly rows of soldiers marching, their bodies erect and rigid, each foot hitting the ground at the same moment.

The View from Where I Stand is Quite Wonderful

Two nights ago, I laid in my bed, tossing and turning, listless and flooded with panic. My partner brought up the election right as we were trying to go to bed, and just the suggestion of the possibility of a Trump victory on Tuesday left me reeling. I could feel the anxiety coursing through my body: It came in waves, starting as a clenching in my stomach, then a burning in my face and tightness in my shoulders. I felt utterly anguished, like something very real and very terrible was happening to… Read More

Please, America, Do Not Make a Liar Out of Me.

Please, America, I am on bended knee, humbled at your feet, begging you, do not make a liar out of me. Back in February, when I was still working in the Watsonville school system,and when the Republican primary race was still a terrifying multi-person circus show, I comforted a little girl at school. She was about 7-years old, Latina, with Mexican parents. I found her on the playground, hiding under a tree, face buried in dirt. She was sobbing uncontrollably, doing that heaving thing where your lungs are spasming and you suck… Read More

Let’s talk about Standing Rock for a minute

“I walked into the room, and was just utterly speechless. I had absolutely nothing to say to anyone”, said the dharma teacher. After an entire lifetime of leading Buddhist meditation and teaching, she was so completely perplexed and disheartened by the mess of the elections that she simply had nothing to say about it. That is exactly how I have felt about what is happening at Standing Rock. I just do not know what to say. I am completely speechless because, on the one hand, it feels so completely obvious to me–… Read More