The Women’s March on Washington: What it Was, and What it Needs to be

More than a week ago, my boyfriend and I boarded a red eye to the east coast to attend the Women’s March on Washington. For us (my boyfriend and I, plus my sister and then later my mom and college friends), the March started in Takoma Park, Maryland, where my sister, boyfriend and I arrived at a trainstation early on a foggy winter morning. The air was damp and cold, but not unpleasent. The trainstation, miles from downtown DC, was already bustling with Marchers donning pink pussy hats, signs and political tee-shirts poking out… Read More

Tell me your prayers

In a few days, I will be leaving for DC for the Women’s March on Washington. I would like to carry your prayers for our country with me as I travel and during the March. Please send them to me!

My New Year’s Resolutions: The Dance of Political Action and Personal Grow

My 2017 New Year’s Resolutions (The Short List): To practice metta once a week To use my compassion as a motivation for political action To meditate four mornings a week To use my insight to bring wisdom while I take action To pray at night for the safety, wellbeing and liberation of all beings To make my prayers reality by taking action To practice my sit spot, and use it to cultivate my deep sense of interconnectedness To use my interconnectedness to inspire me take action To cultivate my vitality by exercising and eating healthier To use my… Read More

The Opportunity of the New Year: Champagne, sequins, and a little magic

My first thought as I rolled over in bed, my eyes blinking through the groggy champagne headache, was, “It’s a new year. I wish that meant shit.” Because, while I love celebrating the New Year and we are all excited to say good-bye to the train wreck that was 2016, the arbitrary changing of the Roman calendar year does not mean much for our nation, for the world, for the mess we are in. Donald Trump will soon be our president, the cease-fire in Aleppo is shaky at best and fascism is… Read More