Tell me your prayers

What are your prayers for our country right now? What do you say to your God or Gods or Goddess or Goddesses when you are in bed at night? What do you long for like an ache in weary bones? To what is your life devoted to, the thing you would fight tooth and nail to defend, the thing that wakes you up with fervor, that wrattles you to your core?

Tell me. I want to know them. Thursday evening, I will be flying to DC for the Women’s March on Washington, and would like to carry your prayers with me. For me, this trip is a spiritual one, a sacred pilgrimage, a holy journey. It is a chance to take my hopes, my fears, my prayers and parade them publicly and turn them into action.

As I march, I will be marching with the knowledge of my ancestors, the ancestors of this country, all of our ancestors– my grandmothers and their grandmothers, who couldn’t vote or get an education. With slaves, who proclaimed their humanity through everyday resistance, like workslow downs and organizing for freedom. With LGBTQ folks, who have always existed but often in the shadows. With poor folks of all colors, who started to ban together but were divided by race and taught to hate each other. With civil rights activist, who were will to know violence but never perpetrated it. Since the beginning of this country, there has always been oppression and there have also always been folks fighting against it. Our country is better today, my life is better today, because of them. I stand on their shoulders, and I will march with them in my heart.

And I will march for our future, carrying the yoke of our collective prayers for a world that is more just, more kind, more gentle. I will make a poster, posting each one on a sticky note and carrying them with me during the march. I will also pray them on the morning that I leave on, and during the march, holding them in my heart and my hands.

So, send them to me. Leave them in the comments below, email them to me (, Facebook them to me (Sally Neas) or tweet them to me @SallyNeas (I just got twitter!).

This is mine: that we will all wake up. Wake up to how brave we are, wake up to how powerful we are, how needed we are. Wake up to how much we love justice and are willing to stand for it. Wake up to how deeply we are interconnected, how are destinies are connected, how injustice anywhere is a threat to justice anywhere, how violence anywhere, againist anyone or anything, including the planet, is a threat to peace everywhere. I pray that we will all wake up to the fact that we are one big, living, breathing and deeply intertwined body.

Those are my prayers; what are yours?

If you enjoyed this post, please like it, share it and comment below! Also, send me your prayers! Again, you can leave them in a comment, email them ( or tweet them to me @SallyNeas

One Comment on “Tell me your prayers

  1. Thank you Sally…
    I prey that we will learn to listen. To hear the undercurrents of one another’s cries and find the humility and bravery to speak to that hidden force that propels us toward peace. I prey that we will learn to listen to our ancestors voices as they travel on waters and winds, through the earths soil, trees, fruits and flowers; that we will hear the voices of the animal folk and learn to love and respect this wonderful earth and the life force we share… That we may be stirred with tenderness brought forth by our own babies.


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