Mid-Week Inspiration

Feeling small? Here is some Mid-Week Inspiration to remind you how magnificent you are!

Rumi’s Guesthouse, and the Not-Good-Enoughs

While waiting in line at the grocery store the other week, as the checkout lady was scanning my cauliflower and eggs, I noticed this funny feeling. It was a small, almost imperceptible, but insistent. I felt weak and uninspired. I started counting the numbers of evenings I had recently spent in my room, doing little of anything. My moral character felt floopy, like a Gumpy figure with no bones or spine to hold me up, like I was drifting listlessly through life with no where to go. Unsure of what was going on–… Read More

Mid-Week Inspiration

It’s Thursday! If you are looking out the window at what I am looking at– blue skies, chirping birds, mid-70’s weather– then it is possible you are also counting down the hours until the weekend starts. But there is still plenty more week to live, plenty more opportunity to keep acting as agents of change and love and the Great Turning (and of course, this is not a 9-5, weekdays only position). So, in the case that you need a little Mid-Week Inspiration to keep you feeling juicy, here it is…

How to do a sit spot

The natural world, be it amidst thousands of acres of rugged wilderness in Utah, or that patch of daffodils in your backyard, is nothing short of magical. And, taking the time to sit regularly with that magic is purely transformative. A few weeks ago, I wrote about the way that having a sit spot, which is intentional time sitting in nature, has changed me. Here is how you can adopt the practice too.

Change-makers I love: The Mycelium Project

In nature, mycelium is the vegetative portion of a fungus; it is a complex interwoven tapestry that connects the organisms it touches. In the human world, The Mycelium School is an educational organization that “opens up new pathways for change-makers and business leaders to affect the world”.  I got to speak with Matthew Abrams, co-founder and vision keeper, and Dana Pearlman, lead facilitator and coach, not just about their innovative educational model, but about big topics like transforming education, authentic leadership and working across difference.

Mid-Week Inspiration

Has this week been a tough one so far? Hard to stay motivated? Then treat yourself to a little Mid-Week Inspiration! This is my first regular column and one is for all of you change-makers out there, busy dreaming and believing in and creating a new world. This work can be uplifting and inspiring, but, come on. We all know what it can feel like on a daily basis: tiring and hard or like “what the hell difference is this going to make?”. So, here is a little mid-week inspiration to fuel that thirst for a better world.

Sitting daily with the Earth

For several years, I have spent my mornings sitting outside in the same spot, sometimes for just a few minutes, sometimes for an hour. This practice, despite it’s simplicity, or perhaps because it, has had profound effects in my life.

Climate Change and Redemption: The Third Noble Truth

Can we actually stop climate change and find a way out of this mess? Yes, according to the Buddha and the Third Noble Truth.

The Spectrum of Human Possibility: A Day with Weaving Earth

  “If you found yourself in front of a respected elder, and only had one question to ask, what would that question be?” The question lingered in the air enigmatically as those huddled around the campfire paused to contemplate it. The entire scene, in fact—the crackling fire, the 20 some illuminated faces of those surrounding it, and the vast starry sky above—felt like something of an enigma, profound and deep and so out of the ordinary. Despite the novelty, this scene, with its depth of conversation, crackling fire and expansive sky, is… Read More

Coming in From the Cold

With a little help from Bob Marley, here is my recent experience with reconnecting with my unique purpose in the world.