The News at Night: A Poem for Syria

There is so much bad news in the world and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by it. Lately, it’s been the Syrian refugee crisis, and especially America’s response to it, that has been particularly hard to handle. But, if we are going to be truly alive in this world, I think we have to take it in and let it transform us. Here is a poem I wrote about doing that for the Syrian refugee crisis.

Inspiring Spoken Word from Prince Ea

Feeling a little bummed about hate speech from Donald Trump? Holiday consumerism got you down? If you are needing a little inspiration this holiday season, look no further then Prince Ea’s newest video, Man vs. Earth. Prince Ea is a 27-year-old spoken word poet whose art focuses on social and environmental justice. His videos, which have gained millions of views on YouTube, pair inspirational lyrics with beautiful images. In his latest video, Man vs. Earth, he frames human impact in planetary terms: if the existence of the Earth were condensed into 24 hours, human’s… Read More

Transforming kids, classrooms and communities in Richmond, CA

As Project Manager at the Mindful Life Project, Salina Espinosa-Setchko runs programs that teach mindfulness, yoga and performing arts to over 6,500 students in the Richmond, CA’s school system. Located north east of San Francisco, the city of Richmond was once ranked as one of the most violent cities in the US. While violence has decreased, the Richmond community remains a heavily impacted and under-resourced community. The work of the Mindful Life Project is deeply transforming that by giving the children the skills to understand and relate to their own, often traumatic, life experiences.

Walking for Grief, Healing and Truth

After the Vatican announced that it would grant sainthood to Junipero Serra, whose colonization of California resulted in the death of thousands of native people, two Tataviams are walking to all of California’s Missions on a journey of grief, healing and truth-telling.

The Transformative Power of Gratitude

The best way to start this is by giving an example. Right now, I am cloaked in the warm sunshine of the early morning. I am grateful for the sunshine. I am grateful for the way it dances on my naked toes and face, the way it streams and dapples through fruit trees and bushes and illuminates flowers. I am grateful for the way it beams through the dark void of space to reach our blue and green planet. I am grateful for the plants it touches and their miraculous ability to… Read More

At The Confluence: A Conversation With Barbara Jefferson

I met Barbara Jefferson at a Bioneers conference where she shared a story of transforming grief and pain for the world to empowerment and action through the Work that Reconnects. Barbara continues to embody this transformation through work as a facilitator of the Work that Reconnects and Generation Waking Up, as well as other leadership and diversity trainings.   To learn more about her work, visit  How are you contributing to the Great Turning? I work as a facilitator for the Work that Reconnects. One of the roles I play now is… Read More

Beginnings: Canticle Farm, Part Two.

I have a certain interest in beginnings, stemming largely from my somewhat tenuous relationship with them. I am a dreamer, with a head full of ideas and a love for possibility. But then, having dreamed very big dreams, I often find myself in the awkward place of asking, “Ok, where do I start?” This question has morphed into what I have to claim as an obsession with beginnings. Whenever I see someone doing inspiring and impactful work in the world, I can barely wait to ask them, “So, how did you get… Read More

Drum beats.

Like one drum beat, crying out into an otherwise silent night, it begins.  One brave and wild drum breaking the silence. Then another. Then another. And, slowly, like Christmas lights on a tree being lit up one by one, more and more drums join in until suddenly the sound gives way to an entire chorus of life, celebrating our joy, celebrating this precious life. This is how it happens: just like drums calling each other to come play, one story of hope inspires another story of hope.  One story of resilience inspires… Read More

Canticle Farm, Oakland, CA

As the sun filters through fruit trees, casting a dappled light on the mulch below, and bees, in their ancient dance of pollination, busily buzz from open flower to open flower, I breath in the rich oxygenated air. Dew from the morning still lingers on the grass and the chorus of joyful birds reminds me that it is spring. Where it not for the barking dogs and car alarms mixed into the dawn chorus, I would almost forget that I am in East Oakland, a dense urban area east of San Francisco…. Read More